The art of self-realization   ...News

The activity' Heartfulness- The art of self-realization was conducted for classes VI to VIII. This activity helped students to understand what Self Awareness is and its importance.A separate session for class VIII on the art of meditation and the correct breathing techniques was conducted by Ms Neetu Chaudhary. The students depicted the worth of zero in the form of short skit. Classes VI and VII were shown powerpoint presentations and videos on inspirational stories.The entire activity helped students to understand how the concept of innerself helps in achieving one's goals and success in life.


    Inter House
    Football   ...News

    Inter House Football matches for classes VI to VIII were played from 8 May to 10 May 2019. It was a tough competition among all the six Houses.
    The boys were filled with determination and were seen enjoying the game and setting victory mark for their respective teams. 
    First : Ganga House
    Second: Satluj House
    Third : Yamuna House


      Pool and Pals
      Beach Party   ...News

      A summer pool party is one of the best ways to energize the children in the warm weather. The month of May is indeed very hot and the students get exhausted. Activities that involve playing with water strengthen children’s motor skills and develop the ability to propel and navigate. This activity improves the skills of coordination even as it helps generally cool off. Keeping this in mind, Delhi Public School, Vidhyadhar Nagar ,Jaipur organized the customary ‘Pool & Pals –Beach Party’ on 9th & 10th May, 2019 for the students of classes Nur-II.
      The poolside was tastefully decorated with the underwater theme. The beach ambience came alive with splash water pool. The tables were arranged with brightly coloured ‘Selfie Corner’ & garden umbrellas was there to lend shade. ‘Aquaholic Mermaid’ beautifully made by the teachers, was the point of attraction in this party. Peppy music playing in the background made for a magical mood. The children tapped to the lively beats even as they played in the cool water. The summer suddenly felt bearable!


        Music & Dance Competition   ...News

        The amphitheatre of DPS, Jaipur at Vidyadhar Nagar reverberated with the sound of music as the intense International Folk Song and Western Dance competition unfolded as part of ISA Project 2019.
        The Rhythmica is the Inter-House Song and Dance Competition which attained an international colour picking folk songs from Sweden, France, Germany, Arab world, China and Spain. Similary the dance groups performed graceful jazz, hiphop, contemporary and bull dance from the western world.
        Presence of Mr Sunil M Sujit, a renowned singer and motivational speaker, and Mr Manoj Joshi, a renowned choreographer made the event not only grave but charming with Mr Sunil making the children groove to his music.


          Curious Dipsites
          Reason it Out   ...News

          Beakers are bubbling in our super Secret Agent lab!

          Our Scientific curious kids are engaging their curious Einstein minds with exciting educational primary science projects.
          As we all know that a child’s favorite questions are “Why?” and “How?” Children are naturally inquisitive and have a desire to investigate. It is important to nurture those instincts and introduce our early learners to the wondrous world of science! 
          An activity “Curious Dipsites” was organized for the students of classes Nursery to II on 3 May, 2019. It helped the children to apply logic, investigate and explore the demonstrations and enhanced critical thinking and creativity for a deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts like “fire needs oxygen to burn”, “how shadows are formed”, “float and sink”, etc. 
          Further, it made not only the teaching and learning process joyful, but also had a positive impact on the development of imagination of a child’s mind.


            Artistic Creations
            Origami Craft   ...News

            "Creativity is intelligence".
            On 2 May the students of classes 4 and 5 participated in the 'Origami 
            Activity' with great zeal and high spirits.The children used their dexterity in creating novelties with the origami sheets.The tiny tots were amazed to see the transformation of a flat sheet of paper into blooming tulips, fish, rabbits,fan, etc.They displayed them with great pleasure and gratification.This paper folding activity triggered their imagination and enhanced their creative skills.


              The Dignity of Labour
              Poem Recitation   ...News

              We don’t know them all, but we owe them all a big ‘Thank You’

              Poem is meant for enjoyment and children enjoy the beauty, rhyme, rhythm and music of words. Taking all these facts into consideration, poem recitation competition for class 3 was held on 2nd May. The topic was ‘Labour Day’. The students got a chance to exhibit their talent and confidence. The classes were divided into two groups and each group performed with zeal and enthusiasm.

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