Little Sculptures
Clay Moulding   ...News

‘Clay modeling is a great way to help children to develop imagination and spark creativity.’
To stimulate the imagination of the children and to enable them to give it a better shape, Delhi Public School, Vidhyadhar Nagar Jaipur conducted an activity ‘Little Sculptures-Clay Moulding’ on 26th April, 2019 for the students of classes Nur-II. Playing with clay has a calming effect on children as it offers a positive diversion for young, active minds. It also offers tactile and visual sensory learning experience. The activity was like an extravagance for the little artists and the spectators as well.The little ones used their brilliance and wings of imagination, blended with the perceptions and gave shape to it with perfect finishing. They made fruits, vegetables, bakery items, photo frames, selfie corners, transports, plants, garden, Hand puppets and animals with clay and displayed them in their respective classrooms. The activity helped them to enhance their concentration, eye-hand coordination, colour recognition, fine motor skills and problem solving skills.


    Quiz Competition   ...News

    To encourage positive competition an Inter House Quiz Competition 'Quizoholic' was organized for the students of grades VI to VIII. There were different rounds of questions from varied topics like Indian History, World Geography, English Literature and general awareness. The most appealing round was the visual round. The students were also shown videos based on 1857 Revolt, Gandhi ji's Dandi March, Sunita Williams etc. There after they were asked questions based on it. All the students were well prepared and participated actively. This activity not only helped the students to enhance their general knowledge but also enabled them to improve their performance and confidence.
    Jhelum House emerged as the winner while the second and the third positions were bagged by the Chenab and Yamuna House respectively.


      Wall of Happiness
      Creating a culture of benevolence   ...News

      ‘Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your actions’

      A classroom board reflects the students’ creativity, team work and thematic skills.
      Keeping this in mind, classroom board decoration competition was held on 25th April, 2019 in Delhi Public School, Jaipur at its Vidhyadhar Nagar branch. The theme given to the students was “Wall of Happiness - creating a culture of benevolence.”
      The students put in all their imagination into creative presentation and came up with visually attractive boards.

        The Scholar Badge Ceremony was organized on 20 April, 2019 to felicitate the meritorious students for the academic excellence in the session 2018-19. It was a proud moment for the students who had worked hard diligently and conscientiously to achieve their goals. The ceremony started with the ceremonious lighting of the lamp followed by a prayer dance. 
        The school Principal, Ms Sangeeta Kain in her address applauded the achievements of the young scholars. Motivating the students, she asked them to strive harder with comprehensive zeal and enthusiasm and appealed all to become valuable along with being successful. The ceremony ended with a soulful rendition of the National Anthem.
        On the occasion, the school gifted to each parent a sapling, symbolic of growth and development.
          Fruits play a key part in keeping every person fit and healthy. This is because they provide people with healthy nutrients needed to help the body function through the day. Fruits are the most important things to eat daily and are part of a well-balanced and healthy diet.
          To teach young Dipsites the importance of fruits, DPS Jaipur, Vdn branch conducted an activity ‘Fruity Google’ on 15th and 16th of April, 2019, which is a part of ISA project Global Fruits: Juicilious Way of Life.
          Students of classes Nursery - II learnt about various fruits of India, China, Germany and many other countries. The activity included identification of fruits and their facts through books, videos and internet searching under the guidance of teachers.

            To sensitize the students about certain issues that may compromise their safety and security. A session on safe and unsafe touch was organized for the students of classes Nursery-II on 9th,11th and 12th April’19. The school counsellor Ms. Shaheen Dingankar and Class teachers had an interactive session on how to identify and prevent themselves from the safe and unsafe touch.

              "Be a buddy not a bully. Having friends is much more fun."
              The school organized 'Be a buddy not a bully' activity for classes 6 to 8. 
              An interactive workshop was conducted by the school counsellor Ms Shaheen Dingakar for the students of class 6. The session gave information about bullying and how to prevent it. Anti-bullying posters were made by class 7 and students of class 8 spread the awareness by decorating the display boards. 
              The motive of the activity was to encourage kids not to bully and instead be kind to everyone they meet.

                'Wisdom is giving the children their wings, along with the rudder of awareness to keep them safe from prying hands'

                Our children come in contact with all kind of good and bad people every day and we want to protect them from all odds. Keeping this in mind the school organised a session on good touch and bad touch for the students of classes III to V at Delhi Public School,Jaipur Vidhyadhar Nagar branch and sensitised them about their safety. The kids understood the idea behind the session and gained knowledge regarding it.The students also did hands on activity in which they wrote 'High five Safety' rules on cut outs of their hands' impression.The activity helped the students to apply their understanding of the session.

                  'Happiness is a state of activity.’
                  No doubt, classroom teaching is of utmost importance, yet for aesthetic development, character enrichment, spiritual and physical growth, extracurricular activities are equally relevant.
                  Saturday bloomed differently for the Dipsites at Vidydhar Nagar, with buzzing activities.
                  Games, singing dancing, reading, movie show, all brought such delight to the children, that school attained a different definition for them. 
                  To strengthen the classroom teaching-learning environment, extracurricular activities like music, dance, art, indoor and outdoor sports have been incorporated in the time table. The students from Classes III to VIII were indulged in various well planned indoor and outdoor activities. The nature lovers were involved in setting up a botanical garden in the campus. A workshop was also organized for the girls of class 5 where there were briefed about menstrual health and personal hygiene by the school Dr Vandana Sinha The students geared up and participated actively in each and every activity with great zeal. It was a treat to the eyes to see the happy and energetic participation.


                    Health and Happiness
                    Yoga Games   ...News

                    Health and Happiness- Yoga Games
                    ‘Yoga means addition of Energy, Strength and Beauty to Body, Mind and Soul’.
                    With abundance of enthusiasm, classes Nursery to II successfully celebrated ‘Health and Happiness-Yoga Games’ activity on 5th April 2019 with an aim to inculcate positivity and boost their fine motor and gross motor skills. The yoga session and games aimed at improving their cognitive thought processes and problem solving ability. A concoction of interesting team building and meaningful activities and games such as ‘Follow the Line’, ‘Moving Maze’, ‘Animal Yoga’ , ‘Hula Hoop games’ were organized for the students, thereby restating the fact that a healthy and happy mind lives in a healthy body. The day started with ‘Hop scotch’ and ‘Skip the Brick’ games planned for Classes I and II. The tiny tots of classes Nursery and Prep were also at the forefront with their share of games ‘Monster Paws’ and ‘Hop to the Frog’. The tiny tots thoroughly enjoyed the day, which was evident through their smiling faces.
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