Face Painting   ...

Inter House 'Darpan' Face Painting Competition on the theme ' Birds' was organised for classes 6 to 8.
    With tiny feet and mighty move, depicting the characters from Magnum Opus The Ramayan, the students of Classes III to V, converted the school ground into a punyabhumi. The dance drama presentation of the’ Bal Ramayan: A Saga of Virtues and Values’ on 1st Nov 2018, was razzmatazz with glorious costumes and magical presentation. 
    Addressing the august audience, the school Principal, Ms Sangeeta Kain highlighted the importance of associating education with our religious scriptures be it Bible, Quran, Guru Granth Sahib, or Ramayana to imbibe the values that society seems to be losing with technology taking the prime time.
    The epic character of Shree Ram, the most suitable medium to impress the human values in the children, was presented from birth to his return to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile, through selected episodes. The life of Maryada Purshottam Ram came alive with the vivacious acting of the young Dipsites.
    In the endeavour to depict Ram’s great life, lay our desire to acquaint the Dipsites to the magnanimous status of Shree Ram and inspire them to aspire for the great human values which no technology ever can instil or uproot. The audience were mesmerized with the emotion-packed presentation.
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