Kindergarteners’ beginning school are likely to be both excited and curious. Children like mystery!! an activity School Tour  was organized in the form of Treasure Hunt- on Friday 20thApril’18 for the students of classes Nursery –II

Children of a particular class visited a particular room and searching the things used in that room by picking up one slip and using the clues written in the slip. Students enjoyed exploring the whole school campus in a different way with the respective class teacher which was fun and learning.

    Sensitizing children about various issues and about good touch bad touch, makes them emotionally strong and helps them to grow normally. It helps them handle “not so positive events” in life in a better way so that they do not impact their growth and personality.

    Keeping same in mind a session on Good Touch and Bad touch was conducted for classes Nur-II on 13th April 2018 at DPS, Vidyadhar Nagar Branch.

    School Counselor Ms Shaheen Dingankar explained that a good touch feels, pleasant and good, it is a way to show care, love and help. She gave examples like when mommy hugs or papa gives a goodnight kiss or grandparents hold children in their arms and holding of friend’s hands while playing are good touches. And touches that make uncomfortable and feel unpleasant are the bad touches.

    She told children that if someone touches them in a way that they do not like, they should say NO.

    It is difficult for young children to understand the difference between right and wrong and this session was a good learning for them.

      An invigorating and rejuvenating Yoga and Meditation? session was organized on 12th April 2018 at Delhi Public School, Jaipur. The session was conducted for the young Dipsites of class III -V at Vidhyadar Nagar.  They learnt ?Super Brain Yoga? and ‘Surya Namaskar’ with few other yoga poses such as tree, mountain etc.
      They also chanted OM which is a sound that elevates spiritually but also help us to ward off mental stress, fatigue and discharge a breath of fresh air. The session was taken by Ms. Pooja Sharma and Ms. Kirti Bhardwaj.       

        A yoga and meditation session was conducted for the students of classes Nursery-II on 6th April on the premises of DPS, Vidyadhar Nagar. Students performed various asans under the able  guidance of yoga trainer, Mr Sumit Sharma. The headmistress and the teachers doing yoga with the students, added energy to the session. The students had already been briefed about yoga through presentations in the classrooms. Om chanting and breathing exercises were made part of their morning routine. They were encouraged to eat healthy by including fruit salads, sprouts and lemon water in their tiffins.

          Awareness is crucial in any child’s development. To help the children make aware about the concept of ‘Safe and Unsafe touch’ , a session was organised in the school on 5 April and 6 April 2018 for students of  III-V. The school counselor Ms Shaheen Dingankar conducted an interactive session for the children through the medium of videos and SAFE CIRCLE ACTIVITY.  It was followed by an icebreaker session. With this discussion, the children will now be able to recognise and protect themselves against such dangers from an early age.

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