Visit to Science Park
Visit to Science Park   ...Events

To shape children’s understanding and attitude towards road safety, an educational trip was organized for class Prep on 27th July, 2016.Students were taken to science park for the same. Children were shown Zebra crossing, traffic light and explained the basics of crossing the street.
The Instructors encouraged kids to cross the road only with the help of an adult not on their own. Children learnt the meaning of different signs and indications on the road conducted by many activities related to road safety.
Students were taken to different science galleries where they got awareness about various concepts of scienece and technology.
Overall it was  a enjoyable trips filled with lots of learning.


    Visit to a Cinema Hall
    Visit to a Cinema Hall   ...Events

    On 28th July'16 ,  the children of class VI were taken for movie-‘Kung fu Panda” at Golcha Cinema. The children enjoyed the movie to the fullest.Such visits serve the purpose of healthy development and entertainment in children.
     The children returned with a joy and  smile and enjoyed the show.


      Inter- House Environment Quiz
      Inter- House Environment Quiz   ...Events

      With Delhi Public School's commitment of 'Learning with fun' and to ensure children enjoy the whole learning process 'Environment Quiz' was conducted at D.P.S., Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur for the students of classes III and IV.
      The Competition aimed at developing the knowledge and excellence base among the students through healthy and highly motivating meet. Interesting questions were asked to the students testing each aspect of the environment. Four different rounds were put up for the quiz.
      IdentificationWrittenBuzzerRapid FireEach team put up a whole hearted effort but   Ganga House aced the first prize.  


        Workshop on Adolesence Psyche
        Workshop on Adolesence Psyche   ...Events

        A workshop on ‘Adolescence psyche” was held at Delhi Public School for students of class VI to VIII. A counsellor Ms.Ayesha Hameed conducted a motivational work shop for the students. The teens watched the presentation with full concentration .The aim of the workshop ,to help the children overcome their fears, their doubts ,was easily achieved in an interactive session when they put up questions and the councillor answered and cleared up all their doubts. The work shop included a presentation which catered to all the ups and downs an adolescent goes through .It focused on believing in oneself and passing smoothly through this age with ease. It concluded with a motivational quote “Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not a CHAMPION.’’ The workshop was followed by ‘Individual Counselling’ where children discussed their individual problems with the counsellor 


          InterHose Talent Hunt for classes VI-VIII
          InterHose Talent Hunt for classes VI-VIII   ...Events

          Each child is unique with different talent .The child’s performance depends upon both support and autonomy. In order to bring out the talents and uniqueness the ‘Talent Hunt’ competition was held on 22nd July 2017 in the Amphitheatre. Every student was given ample opportunities to participate and show their talents. Students of Dipsites were very enthusiastic and participated actively and very well executed their talents. We had students with varied talent abilities and interest buried deep within them.
          Result  :
          Group Result- The first position was bagged by Satluj House followed by Yamuna House at the second position and Chenab House at the third position.
          Individual Result- The first position was bagged by Jhelum House followed by Satluj House at the second position and Raavi House at the third position.


            Inter- House Hindi Debate Competition
            Inter- House Hindi Debate Competition   ...Events

            Inter House Hindi Debate was organized in Delhi Public School, Vidhyadhar Nagar for students of grade 5 on the topic “Fastfood is good or bad for us” It was evident that the participants were well prepared as they exhibited great oratorical skills. The activity helped the students in developing the essential skill of public speaking and built their confidence to face the audience comfortably.
             Chenab  house bagged the first prize. Satluj and Yamuna house were the first and secoud runner up respectively.


              Inter- House Hindi Recitation Competition
              Inter- House Hindi Recitation Competition   ...Events

              Competitions are the ways to encourage and enhance competitive values among children. Hindi recitation competition was held on 21st July 2016, to inspire and build confidence of the students in front of a large audience. Student’s presentation, pronunciation, confidence, voice modulation and expression were tested. Participants with the guidance of their teachers recited the poems very well. Our dipsites participated whole heartedly, enthusiastically and it could be seen from the wonderful performance of various groups. 
              Jhelum house bagged the first position followed by Ganga house at the second position and Satluj house at the third  position.


                Magic Show for classes :Pre-Nursery - II
                Magic Show for classes :Pre-Nursery - II   ...Events

                “Magic is  believing in yourself, if you can do that you can make anything happen.”
                A magic show for students of classes Pre-Nursery to 2 was organised with Mr. Manoj Sharma, a renowned magician . He exhibited exciting magic tricks one after the other to the students. The spectators were sent into peals of laughter. The students were swayed by the miraculous magical tricks displayed by the magician.
                The show was highly appreciated by the students and the staff.


                  Water Survey of School
                  Water Survey of School   ...Events

                  A powerpoint presentation and video was presented to students of classes III & IV  on the best way to utilize the water resources available with them. They were encouraged to conserve water for generations to come. 


                    E-Card Designing Competition
                    E-Card Designing Competition   ...Events

                    Creativity is a crucial aspect of any personality. It helps to analyze things in diverse and uncommon way. Students of Grade 3 shown their creativity & skill by designing an E-card on Eid-Ul-Fitr(14-07-16). They used MS Paint and MS Word software to design an E-Card. 


                      Inter house Regional Group Song Competition
                      Inter house Regional Group Song Competition   ...Events

                      A Regional group song competition was conducted for class V . The children sang  Folk songs of different states and regions that was assigned  to them.  The Students sang theme related songs very melodiously by keeping up the motto of FOLK & REGIONAL appearance. There was mass participation (12 to 15 participants) from each House.    
                      All Teams were judged by Dr. Shalini Kulshrestha  ( H.O.D. Music Department DPS Jaipur)  and  Mr. Shubham Shukla  (Youngest  Urdu  writer  from Rajasthan and a professional musician ) . 


                        Inter house Cool Chef Competition-Class V
                        Inter house Cool Chef Competition-Class V   ...Events

                        Cool Chef Competition for class V was organized on 13.7.16 . Each house had eight participants. Children showed their creativity ,innovation and presentation skills through this competition. The platter were beautifully served and presented. First position was secured by Jhelum House. Second position was secured by Raavi House. Third position was secured by Satluj House.


                          Health Week
                          Health Week   ...Events

                          “Healthy Mind Lives in a Healthy Body.”
                          To inculcate good eating habits a ‘Health Week’ was organised for classes Nursery –II for the whole week (4th July- 8th July’16) . A healthy food menu was given to the students for the entire week. Students were told about the importance of healthy food. They were excited bringing different food items. Parents were also looked forwerd to sending a new dish each day. The activity was enjoyed by the students.
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