Creativity is a crucial aspect of any personality. It helps to analyze things in diverse and uncommon way. At Delhi Public School, An E-Card Designing activity was organized for the students of class III on July 12th , 2019. Children exhibited their creativity & skill by designing E-Card on the theme “Joy of Giving”. They used Tux Paint software to design the E-Card. At the same time students were also tested for learning outcome through a worksheet as well as they have also designed a card on the theme “Joy of Giving” in their respective classrooms.


    Math in Our Surroundings   ...News

    "The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated but to make complicated things simple"

    Math has become an inseparable part of our life, each one of us uses it everyday. Keeping this idea in mind different outdoor activities were organised in Delhi Public School, Vidhyadhar Nagar branch for class V students on 12th July 2019. Various topics were explained through activities like measuring the dimensions of school bus, making a Tally chart based on things found in garden, forming angles using body parts etc. which were whole heartedly perfomed by the students with enthusiasm.
    These activities gave a way to understand patterns, data handling , angles, measurement etc and also helped students to realize the importance of math in their daily life and to apply it accurately.


      Doha Gayan
      Intra Class Competition   ...News

      Delhi Public School, Jaipur VDN branch organized the ‘Doha Gayan’, an Intra Class Competition on 12th July 2019 for the students of Class IV. The objective of the competition was to inculcate moral values and enhance the confidence of the students in front of a large audience. Each class represented itself in three groups. The presentation, pronunciation, confidence, voice modulation and expressions of the students were tested by the judges. Participants recited the dohas of famous poets with great spontaneity and ease.


        ‘Be a Buddy Not a Bully’   ...News

        ‘Be a Buddy Not a Bully’ activity was conducted for classes 6 to 8. Card making activity was conducted for Class 6 where students made cards for their buddies with positive messages of friendship. 
        A session on ‘anti-bullying’ was taken up by the School Counselor for Class 7 students. Counseling for the Class 8 students was carried out by their class teachers in their respective classrooms on the above topic with a video show. 
        The activity was successful in bringing home the inimical effects of bullying; how it affects their mental health. Students expressed that they were inspired to make new friends after the activity.
          The school always gives the best in grooming the students in the different sports and games for their all round development .This grooming is best reflected in their Inter House Competitions. Keeping this in mind an Inter House Chess & Carrom Competition was organized for classes 6 to 8. 
          All the players tried their best to beat their opponent, thus making the competition tough to win.


            PPT Making

            Technology is a fascination for the young minds. Keeping this in mind budding tech-savvies of grades 6 to 8 showcased their creative skills by participating in an Inter House PowerPoint Presentation on the topic 'Be a Buddy, Not a Bully'. Animation and a wide variety of images related to the topic were used. The students enjoyed the activity. On the whole the competition was visually stimulating and pleasing. The presentation also showcased respect and concern for their peers.


              Health Week
              Health is Wealth   ...News

              ‘A healthy outside starts from the inside.’

              Delhi Public School, Jaipur VDN branch organized the 'Health Week' from Monday, 1st July 2019 to Friday, 5th July 2019 for the students of classes Nur – II. The objective of the activity was to instill good eating habits and to say 'No' to junk food. To inculcate healthy eating habits and to motivate our young learners to eat a balanced diet, the little ones were encouraged to bring healthy tiffin daily that included vegetable sandwiches, fresh fruits, stuffed parathas and dry fruits. 
              To make the children understand the harmful effects of using mobiles, a talk show on ‘Say no to Mobiles’ was held by their teachers. An activity, ‘Hand wash and Brushing Teeth’ was held to inculcate the habit of maintaining personal hygiene. To further encourage them to go the healthy way, a session on health and hygiene and developing good eating habits was taken up by the school doctor. A gamut of fun filled activities like ‘Drawing and Colouring’, ‘Collage Making’ and ‘Nutritious Food Party’ were enjoyed thoroughly by the children which helped them to explore their artistic self and learn through practical aspects.
              To restate the fact that ‘a healthy mind resides in a healthy body’, yoga session, laughter session and meditation session were conducted where children learnt to be fit and active. The whole week was informative, fruitful and a good learning experience for the children to lead healthier and happier lives.

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